Download & install

Please start by downloading and installing our VPNGUI app for Windows.

Connecting to the VPN

Enter your 12vpn username and password and click Login.

The VPN GUI will connect to our server and download a list of available servers. This may take a minute.


Select the server you wish to connect to and click Connect.

Select Server

Disconnecting from the VPN

Click the Disconnect button.


VPNGUI documentation

Check out the documentation section to learn more about using VPNGUI:

  • Connection types
  • Preferences
  • Connection sharing
  • LINE
  • Thunderbird
  • ..and more!

"Update this app!"

Outdated versions of our app will show you a fake server called Update this app!.

Update the app to the latest version (found on this page) and do a Logout, then Login. (The Logout/Login is necessary to get your normal server list back.)


Do not use with SmartDNS. SmartDNS and VPNGUI cannot be used at the same time.