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Terminal / Command Prompt

When you use our VPNGUI app in WEB mode (as opposed to OpenVPN mode) most command-line utilities will not use the VPN automatically.


Fortunately, when using VPNGUI in WEB mode, it runs a local proxy server that many command-line utilities can use. This proxy runs a

When using the TLS, gRPC or XTLS modes, use instead.

In OpenVPN mode there is no proxy.


Some command-line apps have their own way to configuring the proxy settings. See our git instructions for example.

Environment variables

Many command-line apps will check the environment variable to see if a proxy should be used. Below commands set the relevant variables for use with VPNGUI.


export HTTP_PROXY=""
export https_proxy=""

You'll notice that we uppercase HTTP_PROXY but lower-cased https_proxy. This combo works well in our experience, but you may want to use upper- and lower-case version of both if you're unsure what exactly your command-line apps need.