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Privacy Policy


Unless listed in the paragraphs below, we do not log or share any information. Our systems have been designed to operate with as little information as possible.


Our website stores a cookie in your web browser. This cookie is used solely to provide you access to your own data and settings. It is not used for tracking.

Our website does not use any 3rd party trackers or analytics. It does use a few content distribution networks, which may store their own cookie in your browser.

Client Information

For purposes of payment processing we collect your e-mail address and any information necessary to process the payment and generate an invoice. (This varies per payment method.) These records are kept for a minimum of 7 years and available to our tax accountants.

Credit card details are never stored in our own systems. We work with Stripe and Paypal who securely store these details for us. Our own system stores a reference token only. The reference token can be deleted at any time, at your request.


VPNGUI allows you to optionally share the app log with us automatically. These logs are kept for up to 90 days and may be used for troubleshooting as well as further improvements to our service.


Our SmartDNS works without a username or password. It uses your IP address instead. When you activate the SmartDNS service, your current IP address gets stored in our system. It remains there until you re-activate using a different IP address, or until your cancel your VPN account.

Browser plug-ins

Please refer to our privacy policy for Chrome.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to correct or remove any of your information, please contact us at support@twelvemail.com.