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12VPX Connection Types

The 12VPX app for macOS/Windows allows you to choose from different connection types when you connect to a VPX server.

The connection types you can choose from will vary per VPX server.


WEB (default)

The WEB connection secures and unblocks all websites. It does this on a per-request basis, making the VPX look very similar to regular web browsing. This helps you blend in with regular Internet users.

All web browsers are able to benefit from the WEB connection, as well as many other apps.

China WEB

Like WEB, but for use in China.

Our China protocols allow Chinese websites to be used without VPX, while everything else _does_ use the VPX. This ensures Chinese websites work as intended.

Mixing traffic in this manner also helps you to further blend in and appear as a regular Internet user. Using China WEB or China XTLS.


XTLS avoids redundant encryption. A regular VPX connections encrypts everything, including connections that are already encrypted.

XTLS detects when something is already encrypted, and does not encrypted again. This improves bandwidth, especially on slower computers.

China XTLS

Like XTLS, but for use in China.

Streaming Only

Unlocks services that you select on our Streaming page. Everything else uses your regular Internet connection


Fast VPN connection based on OpenVPN using the UDP protocol. Covers all apps. Do not use in China or Turkmenistan.

OpenVPN support is deprecated and may be removed in the future.


If the UDP protocol used by OpenVPN is blocked, you can try this TCP version. (It's slower, so don't use it unless you have no choice.)

OpenVPN support is deprecated and may be removed in the future.

G-IMAP option

You'll notice the WEB connection comes in a special G-IMAP version.

Some e-mail apps cannot access GMAIL with WEB connections. The G-IMAP option will attempt to fix this. Use only if needed. Not needed if you just use gmail.com in a web browser.

Missing connection types?

If you don't see all the connection types listed above, this may be for two reasons:

  1. Servers may not support all connection types. You can see this on our servers page.
  2. Connection types may be disabled for your account. You can change this by going to our services page, then clicking Details > Advanced.

Hide connection types

Want to hide some connection types because you never use them?

Go our services page, then clicking Details > Advanced. You can disable them there.