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Renaming the China Optimized servers

Published 1 year ago.

A few years ago, we introduced our China Optimized servers. These servers come with a few guarantees:

  • Quick replacements when IP's get blocked.
  • Support all China-friendly VPN protocols, like WEB, Shadowsocks, Wireguard and OpenConnect.
  • Disabled VPN protocols that attract blocking by China, like PPTP and OpenVPN.
  • A decent connection to (parts of) China.

Unfortunately the name has also caused some to believe that these servers will always perform best in China, or that they should be used exclusively when in China.

This is not necessarily the case. China is a very large country and the dynamics of its networks, as well as the rest of the Internet, change continuously. Which server is fastest for you will vary highly.

To improve on this, and better reflect what these servers are meant to do, we'll be renaming them. For the moment we've simply removed the word Optimized. Other ideas are welcome.