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Server changes

Published 10 months ago.

In light of recent blocks in China we're making a few changes to our servers.

The China optimized servers in HK, SG and JP were all blocked completely. We've replaced and upgraded them, but they now show up differently:

  • In our VPNGUI app you have a CN China Automatic server, which automatically (and continuously) selects the fastest China optimized server. It also rotates IP addresses daily to reduce blocking and throttling.
  • This CN China Automatic server does not show up in any other VPN app. We highly recommend you use our VPNGUI app whenever possible.
  • If you want a specific location, or you want to be able to use these locations in our browser extension, you can add them on our Servers page.
  • If you want to use Shadowsocks in any of these locations, you can add a special SHADOW version of these servers on our Servers page. (Do allow up to 24 hours for the Shadowsocks QR code to show up after you add such servers.)
  • Note that using a specific location instead of the Automatic server is generally slower.

Some non-optimized locations that are popular in China, like CN Hong Kong, will have VPN methods removed to reduce blocking of IP addresses in these locations. If you cannot use our VPNGUI app or browser extension you may have to use a different VPN location instead.

If you're using the OpenConnect method on iOS, we highly recommend you switch to our Shadowscale app. (If you're stuck in the Chinese AppStore, check the Outline option which is currently available there. Will probably be removed by Apple soon!)