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Shadowsocks with v2Ray plugin

Published 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

The method below is no-longer recommended. Please check our latest Android recommendation for current instructions.

We've updated all our servers to use Shadowsocks with the v2Ray plugin instead of plain Shadowsocks. This change helps to reduce throttling and blocking by ISP's and goverments.

Update instructions:

  • Shadowscale on iPhone or iPad: the transition is automatic. Ensure you have Shadowscale version 1.8.0 or newer installed. (If the new version fails to connect, please delete the app, then re-install it.)
  • v2rayNG for Android.
  • Shadowsocks on OpenWRT: update to OpenWRT 19.07, install the v2ray-plugin and re-configure the servers as described on our Shadowsocks for OpenWRT page.
  • VPNGUI: use the WEB connections. The Shadowsocks connections will be removed soon.
  • ShadowRocket on iPhone or iPad: the transition is automatic.

The old Shadowsocks service, without the v2ray plugin, will be discontinued shortly.