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12VPN most private website

Published 4 months ago.

The team at VPNpro looked into how private the websites of VPN providers really are. Are the supposed privacy-warriors actually tracking you themselves? Sharing your information with 3rd-parties? Turns out the vast majority of them are.

Check out VPNpro's investigation, and see for yourself: 12VPX/12VPN is one of very few VPN providers that live up to the privacy expectations of VPN users: zero tracking on our website.

We're proud of that. And I should probably end this post right there. But before I do, allow me point you at our browser privacy page where we list a number of browser plugins that help you further improve your privacy while browsing the web.

BTW - for those that don't care much for privacy: blocking trackers also speeds up your browsing experience and unclutters many websites. That alone, is worth checking out our browser privacy page.