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Shadowscale issues

Published 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

UPDATE (2) 2020-04-18: There was an issue where special characters in the VPN password caused Shadowscale 2.0 to fail. This has now been resolved. Please use the Update Subscribed Configuration option receive the fixed configuration.

UPDATE (1) 2020-04-18: Version 2.0.0 has a small issue where the Connect button could get stuck. This is fixed in version 2.0.1, now available in the AppStore.

UPDATE (2) 2020-04-16: Shadowscale 2.0 is now available in the App Store. Please update your Shadowscale app and share your experience with our support team.

UPDATE (1) 2020-04-16: We've pushed Shadowscale 2.0 to the App Store. This new version should resolve the issues in China. Please install Shadowscale 2.0 when it shows up in your App Store and let us know your experience.


This applies to Shadowscale users on iPhone and iPad only.

We're aware that our Shadowscale app is not working well in some parts of China. A new version that fixes this issue is underway.

In the meantime, we recommend you use one of the following VPN methods found below.


OpenConnect - a free app that works with 12VPN. Used by a lot of our users in China. Best choice for most.


ShadowRocket - a paid app that works with 12VPN. Features multiple VPN methods for each 12VPN location. Best choice if you don't mind spending $2.


Less recommended for China, but they do also work: