Resolving login issues

Cannot login? Learn about possible causes and how to resolve them.


Suspended VPX Account

Your VPX account may be suspended due to an unpaid invoice. Check your VPX account status or the Invoices overview.

Terminated VPX Account

Once your invoice is overdue for more than a year, your VPX account is terminated and deleted. This is irreversible. Check your VPX account status and order a new one if needed.

Wrong Account

On our website we allow two kinds of accounts to login:

  1. Billing accounts (your e-mail address)
  2. VPX accounts (a username, which is never an e-mail address)

To login to a VPN app, you must always use the VPX account. The Billing account cannot login to the VPN.

Wrong Password

You may be using the wrong password. Change your billing password, or Change your VPX password, depending on what you need.

Wrong Username

You may have changed your username, and forgotten that you did. If you don't remember which e-mail address you use for your billing account, please contact support. If you need your VPX username, check the Dashboard.

Too Many Sessions

Our VPNGUI and Shadowscale app, as well as our browser plugins, have a limit to how many devices can have an active session at the same time. You can view and manage these on our Devices page.