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How to Set Up Split Routing in V2RayNG


Split routing in V2RayNG allows you to define which traffic should go through the VPN and which should bypass it. This is particularly useful when you want certain apps or websites to communicate directly without the VPN, while others go through the VPN for security or access reasons.

Use Predefined Rules (Recommended)

  • Go to the V2RayNG settings.
  • Set the Predefined rules to "Bypassing the LAN and mainland address then proxy."

By doing this, Chinese apps and websites will function normally, even when you're connected to one of our servers. This setting is recommended because it provides an optimal balance between speed and security. Plus, it's regularly updated with the app, ensuring the most recent and effective routing rules are in place.

Custom Rules

If you require a more customized setup:

  • Under the V2RayNG settings, choose the Custom Rules option.
  • For any domains you don't want to route through our servers, add them under the Direct Url or IP section.

Note: Custom rules can be tricky. Many websites load resources from various domains. So, just listing their primary domain may not achieve the desired effect.

Per-app Proxy Setting

For an easier setup:

  • Enable the Per-app proxy setting in V2RayNG.
  • This function allows you to decide, on a per-app basis, whether it should use our servers. By default, no app uses our servers unless you enable it.
  • Use the Bypass switch to reverse this function. This means every app will use our servers unless you disable it.

Important Note: While the above options provide flexibility, we highly recommend using the Predefined rules. These rules are updated every time you update the app, ensuring continued optimal performance. Relying on custom rules or per-app proxy settings can be labor-intensive, requiring regular maintenance and updates on your part. With the predefined rules, you set it once and can then enjoy a hassle-free experience.