Floxcore Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines our practices for handling information while you use the Floxcore Application ("Application").

1. Anonymous Device Identifier

Floxcore uses a feature called "Device ID" to identify individual instances of the Application. This ID is a randomly generated string created during the first launch. It contains no personal data and is used exclusively for fetching provider configurations. Our commitment to your privacy means we do not collect or process any other personal information.

2. Network access

The Application requires a network connection to obtain and update provider configurations. No personal data is collected during this process.

3. QR Code Scanning

Floxcore may use your device's camera for scanning QR codes, facilitating easy input of settings. This process does not store any images or data from the camera.

4. iCloud Sync (Optional)

You may choose to back up your settings in iCloud. Floxcore accesses iCloud solely for this backup, and your data remains private, accessible only by the Application. We do not share this data with third parties.

5. Interaction with Third-Party Providers

When using Floxcore to connect to a third-party service provider, the privacy practices and data collection policies of that provider apply. We encourage you to review the respective privacy policies of any providers you use. Wanwire LLC is not responsible for the data handling practices of these third-party providers.

6. Policy Updates

We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices. Please review periodically. Continued use of Floxcore after updates indicates your acceptance of the new terms.

Contact us

For questions, concerns, or clarifications regarding our Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at support@wanwire.com.